Hearing loss

Hearing loss is a gradual process that can occur over many years and might not be something you notice happening. According to a hearing loss charity, 1 in 6 of the UK adult population is affected by hearing loss and over 6 million people in the UK could benefit from hearing aids.  

As hearing loss in the UK is so common, we’ve put together few warning signs to look out for:

• Regularly asking others to repeat themselves
• Family and friends commenting that the TV or radio is too loud
• Having difficulty understanding someone if they are in another room
• Difficulty understanding people in social situations
• Feeling tired or stressed due to concentrating on what people say
• Finding it hard to hear clearly on the phone

If any of these situations sound familiar, or there are any other signs you believe are indicators your hearing isn’t what it should be, then please don’t ignore them.

Speak to a professional and get your hearing checked. We recommend that anyone over 50 has yearly check-ups to monitor changes in your hearing and identify if any action is required.

All M&S Opticians offer a free hearing heath check, simple give your nearest store a call and book an appointment today.