The ABC’s of back to school eye tests / A+ Vision – Back to school Eye Tests

The 2020/2021 term start is going to be like no other. With the long gap since the end of last year’s classroom sessions and more than a summer of screen time – whether that’s virtual learning or just letting off steam gaming online – it’s as important, if not more, to get  our children as prepared as possible for a new year of learning.

As well as doing the usual checks, making sure they have their uniform, a brand new pencil case and a tasty packed lunch, we need to make sure their eyes are ready for the new term too. There may have been changes in their vision since their last routine eye test which even your child may not have noticed. Though there are a few tell-tale signs you may spot, such as:

Back to school
  • Are they rubbing their eyes a lot?
  • Perhaps while playing catch in the garden you’ve noticed problems with their hand-eye coordination
  • Maybe they’re a little clumsier than usual?
  • You may find they’re holding books closer to their face or lose their place regularly
  • Maybe they’ve started sitting closer to the TV?

The earlier we pick up any problems, the better.

Booking an appointment with one of our expert Optometrists is easy, simply call your local store and our team can book an appointment that suits you. If they’re under 16, or under 19 and in full time education, an eye test is always free.

If your child needs glasses, they can choose a pair from our £49 kids range free of charge under the NHS*, or they can choose from any of the frames on display. We’re sure they’ll find something they love – and more importantly, want to wear!

We’re here to help you. If you have any questions about children’s eye tests or our safety measures, give your local M&S Opticians a call and chat to our team of specialists; we’ll be able to answer any question you have.

*If you have an NHS voucher, we have a range of kids glasses available for free.